Edge of Everywhere


Posted on: September 10, 2008

It began with the understanding that I didn’t want the same things out of life that all of my classmates seemed to: a boyfriend, sex, a ring, a wedding, a stereotypical future. As I got older, it bloomed into the semi-misanthropic view that most of the population has very little in common with me and is therefore not worth dealing with, although I’ve always greatly appreciated my few close friends who get me and held out hope of making more.

Not long ago, after a conversation with a friend inspired me to look up asexuality, the sexual orientation supposedly shared by one percent of the population, a lot of things clicked for me. After feeling so different for so long, it was comforting to discover that there is actually a word to describe many of the feelings and desires I have (and haven’t) had, and that I am not the only one who feels this way. At the same time, it was kind of surreal to receive statistical confirmation that the way I view relationships and, as a result, life in general is in fact as rare as I suspected.

I value my role as a perpetual misfit, and look forward to a lifetime of making new connections and facing difficult questions. I know that those of us who view life from the outside will leave our mark on the world. We will make our voices heard, from the edge of everywhere.


4 Responses to "Introduction"

If it makes you feel any better, the 1% estimate is in all likelihood a bit low (that’s even what the author of the study that came up with the 1% figure said, and I think there are a few reasons why it’s probably too low other than the ones he mentioned. My personal guess is that the number is more like 2-3%) I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

Is it okay if I link to you on my blog?

Hmm. I guess 2-3% sounds a little better.

Sure, let’s trade links. Thanks!

i am new to this whole thing, and still in the process of understanding myself in the context of asexuality. yet for some reason, i seem to fit wonderfully into this category. it is something that i can grasp, that i can use to help me understand what has set me apart all these years. thank you for sharing your experiences!

Hi, i very deeply identify with your post. Please e-mail me, i too am an asexual female that never wants to marry or have children a personal choice for non medical reasons. I love your blog and think you are a great person. 🙂

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