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A Little Bit Queer

Posted on: September 15, 2008

Yesterday, someone I had just met asked me whether I’m queer. It was in the context of trying to figure out whether I would be able to relate to some experiences she has had as a lesbian. I said no, because if I have to pick a word, I guess I’m heteroromantic, but I didn’t feel totally comfortable with my answer. I mean, I know that if someone wants to know if I’m queer, they most likely specifically want to know whether I like girls, but I also know that asexuality is often said to fall somewhere on the queer spectrum by virtue of being something other than heterosexuality. It’s been strange realizing that I’m not part of the majority, as I always assumed I must be due to my romantic attraction to guys, but that I can’t easily seek refuge in the queer community either, where I feel like the assumption that I want to have sex with guys would most likely just be replaced with the assumption that I want to have sex with girls. Right now I’m feeling pretty invisible.


3 Responses to "A Little Bit Queer"

Hey! Could it be, another asexual blog? Schweet!
Can I link to you?
Funny, my first blog post was on Quirkyalone:
I do consider myself queer, but as for why that is…I may have to think about that one…

Hey! Please do! I will link to you as well. That’s funny about QA. I really enjoyed reading your critique of it.

I’ve used I’m attracted to females but i’m not interested in sex
and attracted to females but there are more important thing for me then anything sexual

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