Edge of Everywhere

“I’d hit that”

Posted on: November 18, 2008

On a music blog I read, posts about bands with female members invariably draw comments about the attractiveness of the woman or women in the band. For some reason, some heterosexual male readers seem to feel a constant need to broadcast to the entire world whether they would “hit it,” i.e. have sex with the woman or women pictured. (I have never seen a comment of this nature on a post about an all-male band.) Occasionally, someone will chime in and remind these commenters that “she would never let you hit it.” A good point, but the way I see it, the damage has already been done. I imagine how the musicians might feel if they read the posts (and it’s possible that many of them eventually do). Getting press for your band is exciting; hearing people talk not about your music but about your sexual attractiveness (especially for the girls who get the comment “I would not hit it”) must be sickening.


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