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I Love You, Man

Posted on: March 20, 2009

America’s romance with bromance continues with the new Paul Rudd/Jason Segel comedy “I Love You, Man.” I’m still deciding whether it’s worth $12.50 to see, but I am intrigued by the plot: a man who’s engaged to his girlfriend realizes he doesn’t have anyone to be his best man, and sets out to make a male best friend. People try to make friends all the time, but it’s highly unusual to see a plot focusing specifically on this quest.

If anyone sees it, let me know what you think.


3 Responses to "I Love You, Man"

I’m curious about this one too, although it might be a “wait for it to be on Netflix” situation. A while ago, I saw a French movie with a really similar premise. I think it was called “My Best Friend”. It was about a guy with no friends who tried to win a bet that he did, indeed, have a friend. So he had a week to try to get to know someone. I remember enjoying it.

Movies are $9-$10.50 here. I saw a movie when I was in NYC, and I was so shocked that it was two bucks more! I didn’t think it could get worse 😉

Yeah, I might wait for Netflix too. I remember thinking that movie prices here couldn’t possibly go over $10 and don’t even know how they got so high so fast.

That French movie sounds cool!

It’s really a fun film – I think you’ll enjoy it. Check out the review on my blog.

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