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Lambie-poo vs. your sex life

Posted on: April 18, 2009

I occasionally read the Craigslist casual encounters section out of alien-like curiosity, and I always find it fascinating when people talk about how they are in bed: dominant, submissive, passionate, tender, kinky, or just good.

What am I like in bed? Cuddly. In the absence of a sexual context or expectations, I am very cuddly.

I recently read an article in Redbook entitled “Stop in the name of sex!” with “don’ts” that will supposedly “save your sex life.” Sex Don’t 2 is “Making your bed a zoo of stuffed animals.” It reads, “If Boo-boo and Lambie-poo hold the place of honor on your bed, what you’re saying is that the bed is for cuddling, not for passion…It says, ‘I’m immature, a little girl, and therefore not sexual.'”

I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear, and if that sends the message that my bed is for cuddling, not passion, I see that as a good thing! I am not immature or a little girl, but I kind of like the idea of my bear being a talisman that wards off unwanted sexual advances. Also, the only person who has ever had the privilege of sharing my bed actually likes my bear. So there!


6 Responses to "Lambie-poo vs. your sex life"

The “only one I sleep with” design in the AVEN store comes to mind. 🙂

(This one: http://www.cafepress.com/asexvisibility/1783514)

Do you happen to have one of those t-shirts? From this post, the design sounds very appropriate for you, even if you’ve also shared your bed with another person before.

I share my bed with my toy animals too. Mine are all mice. If it says that I’m not sexual, that’s even better.

I also share my bed with toy animals. One of them is a huge alligator I won at the fair a couple of years ago – it nearly takes as much space in my bed as a person would. My dad usually frowns at my bed and says “You obviously don’t like sleeping alone, why don’t you get a boy to sleep with you?” Truth is, I never saw it that way – I just like my toy animals, and since there is no room anywhere else to put them, they’re on my bed.

Like you said, if the message I’m sending is that my bed is a non-sexual place, so much the better. That’s how I want it to be.

Aww, that AVEN bear is great.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one who still appreciates the company of my stuffed friends. 🙂

I’m the same as Rainbow– I’ve accumulated quite a few stuffed animals over the years, and they live on my bed because there’s nowhere else to put them. My 2 (real) cats also sleep with me most nights. I’ve known other non-asexual adults who had collections of stuffed animals– is having an entire shelf full of stuffed dogs any less weird than having a few on your bed?
I’m also somewhat of an insomniac, and it helps me to hold onto the same stuffed animal every night when I’m going to sleep. My favorite one, I got on my 10th birthday– if we’ve had a 14-year relationship with no problems, it must be a healthy one! 😉

In my mind, real maturity is doing what you want and not caring what other people think about Lambie-poo. If you enjoy them, great.

Redbook is not entirely representative of the full spectrum of sexual people’s feelings and beliefs. I’m just saying. Some sexuals might be put off by stuffed animals. But others find them cute and enjoy the thought of a partner with a cute, innocent, stuffed-animal-liking side. Also, the quote here seems to imply that cuddling and good sex are mutually exclusive for most sexuals which is kind of the opposite of true.

(And then there are furries…)

That said, though, if you like having stuffed animals – regardless of your orientation – then go for it! They don’t hurt anyone, and they’re cute and fun to hug, so unless you are dating a Redbook editor, why not? 😀

Me too. I have stuffed duckies and bears. If i had some one like a “boyfriend.” I would want him to see that his is special in my room and that we can cuddle.

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