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If U Seek Amy

Posted on: October 25, 2009

I’m going to try to get into the habit of posting regularly again. I have a lot of things I want to write about relationships, but right now I’m just going to share a pop culture observation.

I had heard about Britney Spears’ song “If U Seek Amy” and how the title is scandalously meant to sound like a word that can’t be said on the radio, but I didn’t actually hear the song until the other day. The verses make no sense because they’re about this Amy character, whose real purpose is just to be one letter out of four, and the chorus goes, “Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.” Get it? I found this statement to be quite interesting. She’s certainly not the first celebrity to make a “love me or hate me” statement (the most recent that comes to mind is Lady Sovereign), but instead of telling the haters that she doesn’t care, or saying that it doesn’t matter because she’s rich and famous, or (as Lady Sov did) cursing them out, she brags about her sexual attractiveness. I think this doesn’t make a lot of sense and is kind of sad. Is that all Britney’s songwriters could come up with for her? That no matter what bad things people say about her, they are somehow negated by the fact that people want to have sex with her?


7 Responses to "If U Seek Amy"

Alright. Please explain. I don’t get what “If You Seek Amy” is supposed to sound like.

It sounds like she’s singing “F-U-C-K me”

Everytime I listen to this song I can only make-up “If you seek Amy”…I don’t understand how people can think it sounds like the other word with F….I really don’t hear that. Anyway,….I think the writers only wanted some scandal….that’s all. I don’t think that they are seriously implying that everything is okay as long as people want to engage with her sexually….and even if they did…I’m not sure what this means for her but it’s intresting to think about it…..maybe it’s about physical prestige of some sorts…?

Yay for you posting more 🙂 It just makes me sad that at least 80% of the world’s population (a very scientific estimate, btw) could probably write way better lyrics than this. If you want to say “fuck” in a song, just do it and let the stations bleep it out.

Angel–I know, I know. I don’t mean that the writers thought that much about it; the whole point was obviously to cause a stir. But I still think it says something interesting about how much our society values sexual attractiveness in women.

Yes,…I see where you’re coming from…..
If we just consider the person Britney Spears…it’s pretty ironic how her downfall was due to the media making fun of her appearance(with her later outbursts of depression)…and now this song is saying she’s cool because of her appearance….
This shows how the appearance is still a very coercive and conserative subject..if you don’t do it right you’ll end beaten up by minority sources of power (like parts of the media are) and not to forget, it’s not only a certain ideal you’ll have to fulfill, it’s also still a sign of genderspecification and money-love (that’s why it’s so “bad” when celebrities go out without make-up or in pijamas…etc.).
Genderspecific appearance is also pretty much a fortifier of sexual attractiveness nowadays…..and I don’t think it helps in blurring lines, the more lines you blur, the more equal interpersonal treatment you should get…and that’s certainly not the case.
And …yeah, I see how this song could be such a testament to the ways of conservation.

Still, I don’t hope BS chose this song consciously or if it was given to her and she had no choice…..either way it’s strange….maybe sad,too.

wow you’re a really deep thinker! I’ll be sure to read your blog regularely.

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